Learn and grow with Matito

Learn how to cultivate your own bean with Matito’s help. In order to do that, you will need to be very aware of your bean ¡It’s a living creature as well! So get ready to give it all your love and to pour all the water it needs so it can grow big and beautiful, like all plants should be.

Customize your plant

Play minigames to get coins. Use them to buy accesories for your plant and Matito. Learn about the accesories.

Diseño de UI: Matito

¿Una foto? ¿un cariño? Mejor la riego

Diseño sonoro Matito

Tienes que hacer sonar a un frijol

Soundtrack Matito

La melódica es tu amiga, se la melódica

Animación: Germinación Frijol

Cuídalo y crecerá y crecerá y crecerá

Diseño de entorno: «Principal»

Yo igual quiero ser un frijol

Creación de marca «Matito»

Una plantita por acá, otra por allá

Your own virtual kitchen garden

Once you learn how to grow your bean so it’s big and leafy, it will go into your kitchen garden where it’ll stand all high and mighty, giving you time and space to cultivate another plant. ¡This time you’ll choose wich one you want to grow! Meet the kitchen garden.

Feed Matito

Matito needs to eat too you know?, and with each food he eats something will happen inside of him. ¿You want to know what? ¡Grow lots of plants so he can have lots to eat!

Play the minigames

There are several minigames in Matito. They all teach something in a fun and dinamic way, and best of all ¡The more you play them, the more coins you’ll collect to customize your world!

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